Coconut oil with Essential oils

Coconut oil

Coconut oil as carrier oil mixed with essential oils

 Coconut oil with essential oils by mixing the essential oil with a carrier oil such as coconut oil you will be using coconut oil as the carrier oil.

Because carrier oils reduce the full-bodied essential oils so you can apply them to the skin to reduce side effects.

First of all you can use these effortless when you excise taking a bath or when you just relax and clear your mind.

Aromatic oil and coconut oil can be used in a compatible treatment when you use many different essential oils.

Even more as you rub it into your body to help give aid to mental and emotional and physical health.

The thing that is amazing when you apply this mixture on your skin is that brings out the annoying irritates to your skin.

The benefits of using coconut oil for carrier oil.

coconut oil

Organic coconut on tree

You will find that there are two different types of coconut oil that you can use as a carrier oil.

The two are organic coconut oil and fractionated coconut oil.

Certainly by using the regular organic coconut oil your mixture will be solid white and have a neutral smell it also has a longer shelf life and will add moisture on your shin.

Consequently if you prefer the oil to be in a liquid and easy to absorb into your skin .Use the fractionated coconut oil when you mix it with your essential oils.

Due to the fact fractionated coconut oil needs explaining.

The differences between these two oils is regular organic coconut oil is hard at regular temperature and fractionated coconut oil stays liquid all the time. Also fractionated coconut oil through hydrolysis and steam distillation has its long-chain fatty acids removed.

Consequently applying pure essential oil straight on your skin is to severe and can lead to soreness.

While using a good carrier oil which has a indifferent smell but will water down the effect of the essential oils. Even more essential oils and carrier oils are taken from plants. This is why carrier oils are used to water down essential oils and allow you to use them safely


Due to essential oils being very strong and being able to cause irritation when applied directly to your skin. Coconut oil is great for watering down essential oils. It has much lower molecules than other carrier oils, close to as petite as the molecules of essential oil.

You should know what kind of oils can be used as carrier oils. Certainly coconut oil is wonderful but it is not the only one you can use.

Here are a few that are good to use grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, and jojoba oil.

But you should never use cooking oils like vegetable oil and canola oil. These two should not be used they can not work well with essential oils and will not smell very good.

Furthermore what is a carrier oil?

Some carrier oils have a distinct smell. Apricot kernel oil, almond oil, avocado oil, olive oil, rose hip oil, black seed oil, grape seed oil, sunflower oil are just a few.

You can use any of these as a base oil and mix them as you like.

Coconut oil that is taken from fresh coconut meat is unrefined. No chemicals have been used in its processing so it will have its coconut aroma and flavor.

Therefore you should not use these oils if you have nut allergies, at least do not use almond oil if you are allergic to nuts.

Using a carrier oil with rich minerals, can give you a better health experience when you use essential oils.

First of all when applying an essential oil be sure to use a good carrier oil.

A good reason essential oils tend to evaporate fast but when blended with a carrier oil you should get a long-lasting effect. That will make the penetration into the skin easy.

You should learn how to mix your essential oils with the coconut oil if you use it as carrier oil. It will not irritate your skin very easy.

And will lower the chance of a rash or side effects. Essentially what you are doing is watering down the essential oils to care for your delicate skin.

When you are soaking in your bath dilution isn’t necessary.

So to dilute essential oils with coconut oil.

You add two drops of essential oils to one table spoon of coconut oil or your oil of choice.

A 2% essential oil dilution rate,is suggested for adults.

When using on babies 3-24 months a 25% rate is suggested.

And if they are 2 to 6 years old a 5% rate is suggested.

Recommend Storage: Keep them in a cool, dark place to preserve originality and realize best shelf life.