Coconut Oil Hair Mask Makes for a Super Moisturizing

Coconut oil hair mask makes for a super moisturizing and stops damage to your hair.

And can stop a lot of the following from ever happening. Excessive grooming can damage the hair shaft, which in extreme circumstances can cause hair loss. To make matters worse, longer the hair, older it is and higher the chance that it will get damaged and break off.

Hair damage and breakage are a great hindrance to growing your hair longer faster. The daily grind — washing, combing, styling, and chemical treatments — can cause the hair cuticle, which is the outside protective sheath of hair shaft, to wear off, making hair prone to damage.

Hair loss prevention

Coconut oil makes for a super moisturizing hair mask

Coconut oil can help keep your hair in good condition it softens strands, tames frizz, promotes new hair growth & fights dandruff. Use as a leave in conditioner or overnight hair mask. Put a plastic cover on to prevent it from getting on the bed linens and let it stay on overnight.

Coconut oil for hair is a better conditioner than many conditioners on the market. Warm coconut oil helps to keep hair soft and shiny. Apply warm coconut oil at night, leave on while you sleep and wash it out the next morning. You’ll find your hair is healthier, stronger and more conditioned – this process can be repeated every few days.

Help the hair grow stronger with Coconut Oil hair mask.

If hair is frizzy, rub a small drop of coconut oil between hands. For curly hair, run hands through hair, scrunching curls. For straight hair, smooth hands over the top of your hair carefully.

Eating protein strengthens and repairs your hair. “Iron and protein are really important for hair health.  If they’re sedentary, they don’t need as much. If they’re active, they need more, Stops hair damage

Coconut oil is rich in triglycerides and vitamin E, which allows for deep penetration of nutrients into the hair shaft. This protects the hair from protein loss and increases hair volume, while offering key nutrients to the hair.  Oiling hair is the best way to protect your hair against colors and colored water.

Making hair and skin beautiful is one of the oldest uses of coconut oil. Apply to hair for an overnight conditioner: no need to buy those overpriced deep conditioners anymore at a beauty store. Just use coconut oil. Use about 2 handfuls of this oil. Let it melt in your hands before you apply to the roots and ends of your hair. Pin it up for overnight conditioning.

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