Oil Pulling using Coconut Oil

Oil pulling using coconut oil is an ancient way to detoxicate your mouth. Ayurvedic text mentioned coconut oil pulling . Dated over 3000 years ago and comes from India.

 Oil pulling with coconut oil is the best way to improve dental health.

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It has become very poplar and is being used as an easy, daily practice. In ancient Indian culture the method was used to remove toxins from the mouth and freshen the breath.

Coconut oil is full of antibacterial with health-giving, benefits that lower bacteria and plaque in the mouth. Doing this is said to strengthens teeth and be a great help to clear gingivitis.

Can oil pulling be alternative to brushing or other dental hygiene practices?

Oil pulling with coconut oil is the best way to improve dental health.


By using this system bacteria and bad breath are eliminated,tooth decay is stop ed, and the immune system is improved.

You need to know that this method is not a replacement for regular tooth-brushing but it still is a great way to better dental health.

You should never use oil pulling in place of brushing and flossing. So stick to your dentist’s trusted, dental regimen, and only add in choice therapies. Like oil pulling. After talking it over with your dentist.

What are the reputed benefits of oil pulling?

Those that are highly interested in oil pulling.

Claim that toxins and bacteria in the body will go to the mouth and that forcing the oil thru the teeth and mouth. Keeping it in the mouth for a long time will remove these impurities or wash them from the mouth.

Once the swishing is complete, they say to remove it from the mouth. Do not spit it into the sink just place it in a napkin and place in the trash can. As far as we know this started in India about 3000 years ago

It is said that the first oils used were sunflower and sesame oil

It was used to prevent bleeding gums,decay,dryness of mouth and throat,and strengthening teeth.

They believed and people today still believe that this kills bad breath an that tooth decay is stopped and it will boost your immune system.

We will try to show you what oil pulling is and how to use it with coconut oil also some of the benefits. And any risks if any. If done right it will draw out toxins from your body.This will give you better health and just plain good health.

SO buy swishing or holding oil in the mouth for about twenty minutes this will draw out these impurities. Also wash them from your mouth.

The major risk that we found was using it to replace time-tested treatments.

People being people think that brushing their teeth is not necessary. When they use oil pulling. I know of no risk posted about oil pulling.

So do not use it as a replacement for brushing your teeth for this could increase your risk of getting cavities, Now own to the good it is known to do just by using it like a mouthwash and swishing oil in your mouth, Due to the fact that it has been used for over three thousands years as an Indian folk remedy.

There have been studies

That leaves us to believe it will improve dental health and kill bacteria in the mouth. There are people that practice alternative medicine who believe that it can help treat several diseases. Many people use coconut oil due to it having strong antibacterial properties,but there is also vegetable-based oils.

As we said before just place in your mouth for a few minutes and swish. Just remember if it is to much and your jaw starts to ache you can cut the time down to 10 or even 5 minutes

A note of caution do not let the oil go down your drain as when it gets cold it will harden and can clog your plumbing up. So just discard it into the trash can or a paper towel then dispose of it.

No one has established how oil pulling works

But the claim is bacteria is removed from the mouth. I don’t know maybe moisturizing your gums with the added help of saliva production caused it to lower bacteria but for me I have been trying this out and after a week my teeth look whiter.

Should oil pulling be categorize as pseudoscience?

Like a lot of home remedies this one is not based on pseudo-science. There have been some recent studies that show oil pulling can help stop gingivitis, plaque,and parasite that make you have bad breath. Several parasite in the mouth are of a single cell..

These cells are coated with a lipid or fatty layer this is the cells skin so when these cells come into contact with each other they stick together.

You should get a limited amount of bacteria-fighting benefits with sesame or sunflower oil, You will find that lauric acid is in coconut oil and is a great help in fighting the anti-microbial agents,

Antioxidants will bring about cell damage to cell walls of the parasite and kill them oil pulling helps to attract the bacterial cell membranes it is pulled to the oil and removed from the mouth So your gums will get into good health and no more bleeding gums

Coconut has a high approval index.

Consequently it also taste enjoyable this will help with keeping the method going a lot easier. It has healthful activeness and is efficient at fighting streptococcus mutants.

In a recent study it was discovered that coconut oil may help stop tooth decay.

It is easy to include oil pulling in a regular oral health routine practice. Consequently you can find coconut oil in almost all grocery stores and at several online like amazon are many

Bacteria buildup is caused by poor oral hygiene

This is the cause of bad breath, gum disease some infections.

In 2011 a study was done and it was found that oil pulling can be as effective as a natural alternative to bad breath and can work as well as the stander treatment.

Due to the fact there is no scientific proof to verify That it will whiten teeth,informal evidence indicates it may remove stains from the teeth. So with such a small amount of risk why not give it a try you may get whiter teeth.

Since most methods call for brushing the teeth right after the oil pull. Seems like there are always those that see it differently they believe that you should not brush right away this will allow the good bacteria to do its job.

What ever way you choose you should use a different toothbrush for oil pulling use another one for your daily teeth cleaning.

Has a study showed confirmation for oil pulling that showed any benefits to dental hygiene?

A study published in the Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine determined that oil pulling with coconut oil is more beneficial than sesame oil in reducing the strictness of gingivitis

Generally Olive oil is also believed to be a good ingredient for oil pulling. Due to its ingredients that have antimicrobial and antioxidant properties

A different study reviewed 21 studies for oil pulling and found that only 6 had a proper study design.

This reviewer came to the option that the studies that had been completed were unreliable,due to poor study design or small sample science. So there is a need for a prolonged study and document the finding in a timely manner.

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